Interior design


NAME : YANGWA T. Romuald
POSITION : Interior Design Department Manager

Feeling comfortable in your space (whether in your offices or at your home) is an essential element that contributes to your well-being. This is for GES Sarl to present a range of services that will allow you to tailor the interior of your premises to measure regardless of its area or value. From your living room to your showers while going through your kitchen and your bedrooms and including your offices we are able to put you in a pleasant setting with local and European equipment. With several achievements already under his belt, the Engineer YANGWA T. ROMUALD and the team he manages will be up to the projects that you will submit to us.

Our services

Learn about the services this department has to offer.

Modern European cuisine design

Having a nice kitchen that maximizes the use of the area provided for this is something that requires a lot of tact and common sense. We thus offer you kitchens with built-in appliances, hanging shelves both open and closed. The possibility of introducing a dining table in the kitchen largely depends on your taste and the area available! Look at some of our achievements in our gallery and you will know more. 

Bathroom furnishings

Your bathroom should allow you will need to save space and also allow you to be tidy. This involves the arrangement and installation of furniture with hand-held floor or hanging cabinet that will facilitate many of the inconveniences you face in everyday life when you go to your shower.

Interior design and space planning

The G.E.S Sarl is also experienced in the interpretation of electrical diagrams and their implementation. From the installation of simple surveillance cameras, alarm systems, fire-fighting systems, through the domestic electrical installation until the installation of control cabinets, we opt for the selection of quality equipment to ensure the long life of our works and especially the safety of people and property.

Custom furniture design

Depending on the plan of your house, our expertise and know-how allows us to design furniture that will be adequate for your space while allowing you to maximize your surface area and make your house a unique place. Furniture built into corners, hung on a wall and arranged by hand on the floor is designed and produced in such a way as to allow you to have a certain number of equipment and also can be used as an ornamental accessory.

Decorating and styling services

We do studies for you and give you advice that allows you to change your living environment in a pleasant place. From the choice of colors and the selection of decorative objects we guide you on the harmonization of your space to immerse yourself in unique and pleasant comfort.