Technological innovations are rife in all sectors. If you work in architecture, engineering or construction, there is a good chance that something new will soon hit the market and improve the quality, aesthetics or profitability of your projects, like us. have seen.

From the 1960s, the construction industry began to successfully use recycled rubber, mainly from used tires, as an asphalt additive in order to improve its quality while reducing costs and waste . In recent years, this practice has spread to recycled bottles and other single-use plastics.

“Building in Cameroon has many advantages, compared to neighboring countries, because there are already structures for the production of basic inputs such as cement, iron, building or decoration stones, wooden frames. There are also sand and stone quarries in all regions, as well as earth for the manufacture of bricks, cooked or not. To this must be added a well-trained human resource in all construction trades, from the plumber, to the engineer and the architect.” Francois Bambou

3D printing offers many advantages in these cases: the structures require only the quantity of cement that will be used (reducing carbon dioxide emissions), do not require any formwork (therefore less waste) and can take forms that until now, only the magic of cinema's special effects made it imaginable.

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