Civil engineering


POSITION : Civil Engineering Department Manager

The Civil Engineering department of G.E.S Sarl is an active department at several levels in the field of construction and public works. Led by the engineer TASSE KUETE Baudoin and his team, it offers its customers a multitude of services ranging from the conception of plans to construction, including design, architectural services and others while taking into account energy issues, environmental and climatic. Targeting the private and industrial sectors, the Civil Engineering department of G.E.S Sarl has the competence to offer you multiple services, namely :

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Study, design and realization of construction projects

Regarding the construction of the buildings, our team is ready for work ranging from the smallest works to the largest. Starting with the study of the land until the completion of said work through the plan design, construction, finishes and even the interior design, we, GES Sarl realize "turnkey" solutions for our private customers and individuals, however, by respecting their requirements.

Resumes in under works

In order to distribute the loads on the foundations already weakened of a property by bad weather and others, GES Sarl undertakes the work to reinforce the foundations of the said property either by modifying or even replacing it while respecting international standards planned for construction.

Construction of road gutters

Our team has the knowledge required for the design and production of road gutters and pipelines. By respecting road construction standards, we intervene with our expertise in water drainage. We, at G.E.S Sarl thus effectively build the pipeline circuits to improve the life of our roads.

Laying pavers

Whether in the context of road sections, pedestrian sidewalks, cycling, private lessons, paving is an unequivocal specialty at G.E.S Sarl. All techniques are used not only to meet the standards required by the company but also to meet and meet customer expectations.


In this context, G.E.S Sarl improves the conditions of a building by the use of new technical equipment. In order not only to extend the duration of a material asset (building and other) through its restructuring or its initial restoration, we also aim to improve the well-being of our customers and users of the renovated property for significantly better comfort.